Bushman Electric believes that our customers have more than earned the right to be educated on where their budgeted dollars are being directed.

Below are a number of frequently asked questions which often arise.

1) Why do I need an electrical contractor?

A: A Licensed Electrical Contractor is the only service provider legally authorized to perform electrical work in your home or business.

Ontario law states that anyone offering electrical work, must be licensed by the electrical safety authority. A licensed electrical contractor is fully insured to protect customers and employees, certified electricians can arrange for electrical inspections, and can offer a certificate of inspection.

2) When is an electrical permit required?

A: Electrical permits/inspections are required for all new installations and alterations.

Renovations/Additions and Alterations – Any change to the original wiring including repair and replacement of electrical devices. Electrical inspections are required for all electrical work (new installations and modifications). ESA will provide information on inspection requirements for the work being done.

3) What’s the difference between circuit breakers and fuses?

A: Statistics show that fuse panels have a much larger risk of fire than circuit breakers.

This can be caused by loose fuses, corroded contacts, or having wrong size fuses installed. In addition, most fuse panels are outdated and not equipped to handle the electrical load of homes in the 21st century.

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