LED Lighting Installation

Why Upgrade to LED?

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting is the state of the art of energy efficient lighting. Let’s define energy as “a source of usable power, such as gasoline, coal or electricity.” Most people understand energy as the electricity or gas they pay for monthly from their utility company.

Energy Efficiency is defined as “using less energy to produce the same, or more of what you using  it to power.” This is most easily understood by utilizing energy-efficient products in your home which reduce your utility bill.

An example of an energy efficient product is a motor designed for a very specific application, like a refrigerator, that uses 30% less energy and produces the same desired output—cold food.

In the area of lighting, the most energy efficient type of bulb is LED. LED is the kind of lighting used in the current generation of flat screen TVs. LED light bulbs produce the same level of light as traditional light bulbs but can use up to 90% less energy! You spend less money to get the same amount of lighting. And because you’re using less energy, it’s better for the environment too.

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